Grade 1



Belonging to His Family
Heavenly family: the trinity, angels
Earthly Family: Adam and Eve
Families of the Promise: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob
Families of the Exodus: Joseph, Moses Families at the times of the Judges and Kings
Family of Jesus:
Parents, Disciples, Friends
Early Church Family: disciples after Christ's resurrection SDA church family
Church Missionaries: Andrews through today's mission outreach
Reverence for God and His Word


Primary and secondary colors
Form: geometric and irregular
Lines, size, relationships
Textures: visual and tactile
Color value: light, medium, dark
Emphasis, accent, dominance
Tools: scissors, crayons, brush, tempera, chalk, yarn, finger-paint, paper Art experiences in drawing, painting, sculpture
Recognition of and appreciation for artists and their works, especially at holidays

Use of mouse
Joy stick, educational games
Time limits, take turns
Introduction to keyboard, space, cursor, escape, delete, home row, return
Handling disc drives
Choose program from menu
Drawing: face maker, buildings, free circles and boxes

Pre-reading activities
Develop sight vocabulary
Decoding: consonants, vowels, blends, digraphs
Comprehension: main idea of paragraph, literal details, cause and effect
Read at instructional level
Read easy books independently

Complete sentences
Pronunciation and usage
Role play, Christian drama, and choral reading
Simple poems, memory verses
Personal experiences and Bible Stories

Name and address
Simple words

Stories, poetry
Directions, instructions
Critical thinking

Name, address, and phone number from memory
Correct upper and lower case manuscript letters
Capitalize "I", names, first word in sentence, months, days
Simple stories
Periods and question marks

Literature and Media, Prose, Poetry, Television
Identify prose and poetry
Identify real and imaginative
Discrimination in television viewing

Counting and writing to 100
Counting by 2's, 5's, and 10's
Place value: base 10
Addition and subtraction without regrouping
Identify fractions: 1/2, 1/3, 1/4
Measuring: standard and metric
Recognize time: clock and calendar
Recognize value of coins and paper money
Geometric patterns and shapes
Simple word problems
Basic charts and graphs
Simple properties of sets
Counting backwards from 10
Cardinal and ordinal numbers

Skip and step patterns
Match voice, instrument pitch
Notes on staff
Pitch and rhythm instruments
Brass, woodwind, percussion
Steady beat
Motion songs
Verse and refrain of song
Whole, half, quarter notes, rests
High and low sounds
Identify musical instruments
Music and instruments of Baroque period
Hymns of praise
Classroom singing

Motor skills
ball and jump rope activities, tag games, movement exploration activities

testing, running, jogging, balance

safety, rules of health, fitness, games

Positive attitudes
self-worth, self-control, responsibility

Interpersonal skills

God's provision for humans and animals
Diet, growth and development
Habitats: i.e., desert



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