Amesbury Seventh-day Adventist School

Activities from 2007 - 2008
Activities from 2007 - 2008:


Topsfield Fair

Wet Hand


Three kids on the wall

Four kids on the wall


Five kids on the wall

International food fair


Christmas Program at the school



Getting ready for the English hand bells

Making beautiful music


The shepherds

At the manger


The little drummer boy

Sing in the choir


Waiting to sing

Now we're singing


Waiting for the flash

Kids in Grades K - 4


Kids in Grades 5 - 8

Lunch time, our favorite class


Never miss breakfast

When celebrating birthdays was fun


Best friends

Serious study


Posing for a mug shot

Feed in Bambi


Petting Bambi

Learning the way things used to be


Introducing the wash board

...and the wringer


Community Service cleanup

Maybe I'll sit on this trash bag


Swing batter!

I'm waiting for a good pitch


All dressed up for the Fine Atrs Fair

Little Duet


Ladies quartet

Computer time


Cooling off

Field Day Track meet


Field Day runners

Field Day egg toss


Training for the NFL

All worn out