Amesbury Seventh-day Adventist School

Tuition Information and Fees

2016-2017 School Year Rates:

Registration Fee:  $85 per student due before the start of school.
Tuition: $4,500 per student per year due monthly on either a 10-month or 12-month plan.
Discounts:  Families with three students pay half tuition for the third child.

Financial Assistance:

Three-way plan:  Your church contributes $200/student; the So. New England Conference contributes $200/student; and the school contributes $200/student for a total of $600 per semester per student or $1,200 per year per student.  Available only for those who qualify financially.  See form below.

 Three-way Plan Financial Assistance Form

Financial Aid from your church:  Your church is free to give whatever financial aid they deem appropriate toward your student's education.

Financial Aid from the School:  Limited scholarship funds are available from the school that can be applied to help families in financial need.  In order to receive these funds you must apply on-line at the FACTS Grant & Aid website.  See information below.

FACTS Grant & Aid Brochure

Click Here to go to the FACTS Grant & Aid Website.

Our tuitions are collected by FACTS, an on-line tuition collection service.


Click Here to go the the FACTS Management site for tuition payment for 2013-2014.